Rob Kilvington - creative photography

I've been a fanatic photographer for the last 25 years steadily progressing from Box Brownie to the romance of handprinting black and white 35mm at university, experimenting with the delights of cross processing and more recently discovering the freedom of digital SLR.

Most of my work today is done using digital files, further enhancing my shots with Photoshop if I feel inclined. My passion for portrait work is fueled by love of working with people, developing a comfortable working relationship and as a result capturing the heart and soul of my customers.

My images qualified me as a finalist for 'Photographer Of The Year' in Europe for the prestigious magazine 'Practical Photography', placing me in the top 60 of European Photographers. I have displayed images at the New Zealand Acadamy of Fine Arts, Apartmento, and more recently a solo exhibition at Kura Gallery on Allen st, Courtney Place.

"At first glance they could be mistaken for rich abstract paintings. Look a little closer and you realise Rob Kilvington has actually captured stunning shots of the natural world" -Dominion Post, Nov 2005.